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Just an accusation of, or investigation into, possible sex crimes can ruin a reputation forever. These cases are emotionally charged and, in addition to typical consequences, may involve registration as a sex offender. Simply put: if you are charged with a sex crime (rape, molestation, incest, revenge porn, sexual assault, date rape) you should contact an attorney immediately because these cases have consequences that can last a lifetime. Contact attorney Jason S. Dreifuss for an initial, no-cost consultation.


Thanks a lot Mr. Jason for all the effort you put in the case of my sons. And for believing in us. God bless you and your whole family forever.


Thank you so much for being so kind and working so hard for us—you believed in me, so thank you and God bless.


Thank you for your hard work. It was a pleasure to have met you. You and Mr. Pinsel saved our future and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you.


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