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People v. K.C., Successfully defended First Degree Murder charges (dismissal)

People v. I.A., Not Guilty: after a week-long trial in an Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault case (client was 20 years old facing 18-60 years in prison)

In re D.V., Not Guilty: Aggravated Criminal Sexual Assault (juvenile)

People v. J.W., Not Guilty: Aggravated Battery (great bodily harm) (Bronze-Star awarded, 16-year Army veteran)

People v. A.V., Not Guilty: Aggravated Battery (pregnant woman) and Domestic Battery

People v. J.G., Dismissal: Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon (successful Motion to Suppress)

People v. C.-A., Child Pornography charge reduced from non-probationable Class 1 to misdemeanor without Sex Offender Registration.

Dismissal: persuaded DOJ not to intervene and secured dismissal of Department of Defense contractor clients from False Claims Act case in regard to investigation related to alleged fuel surcharge overcharges.


Thanks a lot Mr. Jason for all the effort you put in the case of my sons. And for believing in us. God bless you and your whole family forever.


Thank you so much for being so kind and working so hard for us—you believed in me, so thank you and God bless.


Thank you for your hard work. It was a pleasure to have met you. You and Mr. Pinsel saved our future and I can’t thank you enough. Thank you.


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